Tuesday, May 27, 2014

As I write this morning, the smoke is so thick here in Sedona. The cool air from the night brings it down and it is oppressive. Usually I have a beautiful view of Thunder Mountain from my back deck-
this morning, I cannot see past the street behind me, and feel my lungs burning... 
This fire has stirred up a lot for so many here in Sedona and all over the country. The outrage of it being human-caused, the sadness of the destruction of such a beautiful area. I went to a poetry reading yesterday and heard some some of the writings that people are sharing. It's touching everyone, and I got to thinking about the cycle of death & rebirth, the preciousness of everything, and the reminder that everything is temporary, and has its cycle... 
With that said, it had to be devastating to have a beloved home up in Oak Creek Canyon and wonder if you would ever see it again. This is a photo that was posted by someone who's parents home was nearly destroyed, but made it through- the nearly 1,000 firefighters that came here to fight this incredibly difficult and dangerous fire were absolutely amazing- 

And now photos are coming out showing just how much of the canyon did not get destroyed. We were all wondering if our beloved West Fork trail was completely gone, as earlier reported, but thankfully, it is looking pretty good for what went through there...

 These are from some other nearby trails I've spent a lot of time on...

This was from the other night- the wind starting blowing the smoke south and the sunset caught the smoky clouds...

The beauty within the destruction- what a beautiful reminder from Nature.
I share this poem my friend Susan Pitcairn wrote yesterday...

Blue Quail
Blue quail rises up
Out of the fire-torn canyon,
Half spirit, 
Half the will for life
 to go on.
Singing the distant chants
Of tree after tree
Exploding into ecstatic horrible jewels 
Of primal energy.
Gone the soft paradise of fern
And penstemon, leafy glades to
Quench the thirst of the heart.
Gone for now,
Leaving only the blank black canvas
On which new life 
Will find new designs
Or with the help of,
Our Kind.
Who can but try
To kneel to the Earth
And make amends.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I've lived here in Sedona for over 20 years, and yesterday, for the first time, I spent the day up in Jerome at the Historical Homes & Buildings Tour... Wow! Jerome is an old Copper Mining town with lots of colorful history. A lot of these places were built in the late 1800's/Early 1900's and fell into disrepair, but now are being restored. Many of the homeowners were present, and it was so much fun to see the inside of many of these amazing places...
 Jerome is 5,000 Elevation with an amazing view of the Verde Valley

 This is the hallway of Jerome High School- opened in 1906 and closed in 1951-now home to artists & their studios
 How many people do you know that have a shark hanging from their ceiling???
 The 'Powder Box' Church... built out of boxes of blasting powder for the mines..
 The Riordan House 

 Jerome Grand Hotel
 Tuscany in AZ!!!

It was a lovely day for sure, had lunch at 'Grapes', another first, and loved it.
 My friends Susan & Richard Pitcairn were the inspiration for this little trip- Susan is a wonderful artist and sits in the gallery '527'  where some of her work is shown-
She writes beautiful poetry as well.
Richard is a naturopath Veteranarian, and has a wonderful book that is now in it's 3rd edition, 'Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats'
If you're so inclined to make your own pet food, this book has some great recipes as well as healthcare info...
So grateful for the friends in my life that inspire me! 
Next week, at the Sedona Arts Center, is 
All kinds of wonderful things happening, and mostly free! I'll be hosting the artist Dave Santillanes at my home- he'll be teaching a 3 day Workshop at SAC
His work is beautiful!-http://dasanti.com/paintings/
Memorial weekend is going to be full of lots of great events for sure, and summer is upon us.
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

      I'm thinking of my friend Diana this morning... she inspired me to start this blog, and I see my last post was in November of last year... I feel ashamed and guilty... ha!
How appropriate I've been listening to one of my favorite speakers/authors, Brene Brown. Her first TED talk went viral, and she has been bringing awareness to the very important subjects of vulnerability and shame. And just in case you've been living under a rock under the past few years, here it is-

     I've been listening to her Audio Book from Sounds True, 'The Power of Vulnerability', which is also something I highly recommend- http://www.soundstrue.com/shop/The-Power-of-Vulnerability/4122.pd
She talks about subjects we can all feel a bit uncomfortable about with such heart, wit & wisdom. Laughter opens the doorway to places we seldom want to visit, but are so grateful once the light has been exposed into the shadows.

       And I am feeling very grateful these days for so many things- as I write this I can look out my bedroom window, seeing and hearing the abundance of songbirds that have been visiting, the blasted wind has stopped for now, and it's a beautiful Sedona spring morning.
Next month I'm heading off to one of my most favorite places on the planet, Bimini, to spend time with friends, new and old at Wildquest-
(Bummer there's an ad on the video now, but must mean they're getting a lot of action)
The week I'm organizing for Tom Kaypacha Lescher has filled and we have a very international group of 20 people joining us for a week of all kinds of adventures for sure!
Kaypacha is a very talented Shamanic Astrologer, and does the weekly 'Pele Report'-
His website is New Paradigm Astrology, and he's got all kinds of things going on, and I recommend him highly if you're interested in an educational and insightful chart reading.
Here's his website-
       You can watch the weekly Pele Report there and subscribe if you want it sent to you weekly.
Tom came to Sedona a few years ago and did a great workshop at my home and he is so gifted, and just so much damn fun! A bright spirit that is bringing a lot of light to the world, and I'm grateful to know him for sure.
        Today I get to go out for a hike and then head off to 'Loving Bowls' at Sedona Arts Center-
Every Thursday from 1-4pm anyone that can throw on the wheel is welcome to come and make bowls that we sell for fundraising the first week in December every year. Meals on Wheels and this year we're also making pet bowls that will benefit the Humane Society of Sedona. Lots of fun and great practice. You don't have to be awesome, but just be able to center and throw 1&1/2- 2 lbs. of clay on the wheel.
     I could go on, but the morning is getting away from me, and I want to get out there!
Stay tuned and I'm going to be writing more often! (I promise Diana!!!)
     Have an amazing, grace-filled, abundant day!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Well, I just figured out that my previous posts were not published, so now they should be- still on a learning curve here since Diana is not living here... ha!
I went to my ceramics class/open studio today as I'm starting to feel my energy coming back, but boy, I'm still having to take it easy. It felt good to get my hands in the clay, as well as come home and take it easy for the rest of the day.
I did drive up to the spring in Oak Creek Canyon to fill up my water bottles, so grateful for that!
And, I have to share my amazing tomato plants! I planted these in late summer in containers and they were loaded with green tomatoes right when the weather was turning cold, so I moved everyone inside, and it is so nice to see how happy they are! I'm harvesting so many every week- and my geranium plant is so incredibly happy- it is loaded with buds, and the colors are so vibrant- I'm using the juice from my worm condo to feed them all, and it is so wonderful to see the results!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Randomly blogging today...just to keep up doing it, and since I'm still recovering from a bad cold that still has me coughing like a 2 pack a day smoker- I'm just hanging out for the day, and loving that I can!
Since my intention with this blog is to share all the things that I do, am interested in, passionate about or just plain puzzled by it will definitely be random, but hey, I'm expressing, and it's 'Sedona Expressions'!
And, the most magnificent and amazing Diana Brock Makes http://positiveposes.blogspot.com/
Helped me set this up, and helps nudge me to do so... thank you Diana!!!
As for the quote-
I had a most wonderful Astrology reading with Corrie Cooperman, in Sedona, AZ last week, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect, and I highly recommend her for a most intuitive, accurate and inspirational chart readings, with transits and Astrocartography if you choose. This is her website - http://www.sedonaintuitiveastrology.com/
This quote reminded me of a major issue in my chart, and that is happening for all of us on certain levels-
Time to be who we know we truly are- it is time to stop 'playing small', and to bring forth everything we know our highest expression of ourselves is wanting to be! 
It doesn't mean it has to be big and dramatic- but how about nudging yourself to say something kind to someone that you normally wouldn't because of whatever little fear is there. Look a homeless person in the eye and recognize them as a fellow human being that is struggling. Be patient with the person that feels like an inconvenience to you.
Remember how GOOD it feels to do something that adds just a little joy to your own or someone's day. 
I find that when I listen to that small quiet voice telling me to 'go ahead', take the risk and feel the exhilaration of my soul saying YES! (Speaking of that, The Yes Man with Jim Carrey is good one to watch!) rarely does the feared outcome happen.
This is a powerful time of bringing to the surface all that supports our next level of personal evolution. Be Authentic, Don't take yourself so seriously, and as one of my favorite quotes goes: "Not to Spoil the Ending, But Everything's Going to Be OK'...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy November! I'm inspired to write this morning because every time I read my friend Diana's blog (she's the one that got me started), I'm inspired and it makes me want to do the same...
I'm sitting here with my cat Buddy curled up in my lap on this chilly morning, on the last day or two, I'm hoping of dealing with a nasty cold- REALLY appreciating my health and looking forward to being 100%

Monday, October 21, 2013

So as I journey on with the new blog... today packaged up yummy kale chips (thank you Steve Benson for being such a loyal fan!!!)

And am trying out recipes for my Holiday Baskets this year... so today, I made some Peanut Butter Biscotti drizzled with Chocolate... The house smelled amazing and I have to say, they taste pretty very good!
I left some of the leftover bits for my friend Diana, as a thank you- she's the one that has inspired and helped me to get this blog going... Thank you so much Diana!!!